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Cuiabá, the green city.


Geodesic Center of South America.


History Museum of Mato Grosso.


Indigenous Olympic Games.

Cuiabá historic center.

The bandeirantes.

Geodesic Center of South America.

Latitude: 15°35′45″S
Longitude: 56°05′48″W
Elevation above sea level: 173m

Cuiabá, located on the left bank of the cuiabá river, and the neighbouring city of Várzea Grande, on the right side of the same river, has almost 1 million in habitants. It is equidistant 2,000 km from both the atlantic and the pacific oceans.

Cuiabá river

Nicknamed “the green city” Cuiabá is considered the hottest city in Brazil.

Cuiabá stands in a priviledged location at the gateway to 3 diferent biomes, the Pantanal,the  Cerrado and the Amazon. Distant 300 km from the bolivian border and 500 km from Vila Bela first capital of Mato Grosso in the Guaporé Valley.

Famous for its searing heat, although temperatures in the fall and winter can occasionally fall below 10 ° C, mainly due to the cold fronts coming from the south.

Arena pantanal – World cup.