* PANTANAL rio clarinho / canto do arancuã (1 night) – The landscape here consists of woodland, savanna and gallery forest, homeland to birds, caimans, turtles, deers, monkeys, armadillos and giant river oters.Here we will explore by paddle boat, horse, on foot and night safari.

* PANTANAL (pouso alegre) (1 night) – The landscape here consists of wetland, open fields, forest islands , homeland to birds specially water edge ones and hyacinthine macaws. Here we will explore by car, horse, on foot and spotlighting safari in the evening.

 DAY 1 – CUIABÁ / PANTANAL Early depart to Pocone distant 110 km from Cuiaba, where we will do a short stop to visit the town. In Pocone, we will start our adventure driving 42 km via the Transpantaneira road crossing wetlands and woodlands doing several stops for our first contact with the local flora and fauna. After 42 km we will drive 3 km left via a narrow private road inside the Ranch/Lodge area surrounded by high trees, arriving at lunch time. This afternoon, we will go out by paddle boat along the Clarinho and Claro rivers with their meandrous of almost 360 turn; returning to the Lodge at the end of the day. Around 7:30 PM the dinner will be served for us. This night we will go out by car to the night safari observing nocturnal species as well as the beautiful sky with the stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere.

DAY 2 – PANTANAL (rio clarinho/canto do arancuã) / PANTANAL (pouso alegre) Early walk to a point to watch the sunrise and hearing birds’ sounds and appreciated the surrounding. After breakfast, we will explore the different habitats by foot and returning to the pousada at lunch time. In the afternoon we will move to the second pousada, distant 7 km from the Transpantaneira at the right side. This afternoon, we will do the horseback riding, returning to the pousada at sunset. After dark we will do a night safari by car observing the nocturnal species and see a surreal scene the thousands of caiman’s eyes floating in the water holes.

DAY 3 – PANTANAL (pouso alegre) / CUIABÁ At sunrise we will explore by foot the area around of the pousada to appreciate the birds such as hyacinth macaws, toco toucans, and the roaming sound of the Howler Monkeys. After breakfast, we will explore the land by foot and by car searching for wildlife in different types of habitats. After lunch, we will return to Cuiaba via the Transpantaneira road where we will do several stops for our last contact with the local flora and fauna. Arriving in Cuiaba at the end of the day. End of our services.